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Client: Müller

Milk & More

Android and iOS App

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Milk & More is a popular service that delivers repeating orders of grocery boxes. Their goal is to encourage people to eat well and live sustainably.

  • My role:
  • UX / UI
  • Year:
  • 2020

The problem

Milk & More approached us to completely redesign their dated app. The aim was to fix critical experience issues and create a new code base that would enable easier updating going forward. We would accomplish this by creating an MVP that allows the user to browse the app without login and have a streamlined sign up flow. We would also improve the ordering experience and clear up confusion over regular and repeated orders. Additional improvements, among many others, were to make use of native pickers and update the UI to be more modern and accessible.

Design process

During the discovery workshop we created a number of personas focusing on their task, needs and frustrations. Generally the audience are 20-35 year olds working professionals with families. They use the service for its convenience and help with their busy lifestyle. They love fresh, organic food and seek out eco-conscious products. They mostly use the service in tangent with a weekly shop.

Next we used the personas to create a number of user stories to help create an idea of how the product will be used. We also created a user journey map to gain an understanding of the journey a user would take along with pain points and improvement opportunities.

Finally we mapped out the user flows for each key step of the app. This process highlighted a number of areas for improvement to the user experience. After reviewing the workshop findings, we created a number of suggested flows to show how they could be improved.

Onboarding and browse

We next kick-started the wireframe process by initially focusing on the improved signed up flow with the added ability to browse the app without login. We saw this as a major improvement since we knew that a big blocker for new users was that they couldn't see the app without going through a long sign up process.

Basket and My orders

We also created these pages with the aim of clearing up known confusion the users were having with the two ways of orders, repeating and one off orders. We achieved this by making sure each section was clearly signposted and had informative text.

It would have been too busy to have some of the info displayed on the screen so I put this info inside a modal, which is displayed when selecting the relevant more info button.

Add to basket

We initially kept the page for adding a product to your basket the same as it was on the website. Although during the prototype, we discovered that the user did not initially understand the options and were slow completing the page. Therefore I improved the page to show all options on one screen rather than linking off to another page.

I also added a pausing delivery flow, which allows users to pause and unpause dates for repeating deliveries.

Pausing delivery

I also added a pausing delivery flow, which allows users to pause and unpause dates for repeating deliveries.

User interface design

The UI was completely refreshed to be modern, consistent and accessible. The goal of the user interface was for it to be friendly and approachable. I achieved this by using a lot of space, soft colours and rounded corners. Using the brand’s colours was a challenge due to their inaccessible nature. For this reason I had to use their colours sparingly, either combined with black or as visual accents.

The design also uses elevation inspired by Google material design. The background level is light blue which has a white layer and further elements layered on top. This is used to reflect the real world, bring attention to the right area and can be used to easily allow animation.


The client was extremely happy with the app. It is yet to be released but it is expected out later in 2020. We are already discussing future enhancements to the product such as account controls. I’ve learnt a lot from the project that I will carry forward into future projects.