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Client: Currys PC World

Diversity in Gaming

A campaign microsite focusing on diversity in the games.

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The goal was to create an engaging and highly informative content that would go viral and boost Currys SEO value for key words relating to gaming. Our final product was a microsite that analysed diversity in gaming, a subject with high public interest.

  • My role:
  • UX / UI
  • Year:
  • 2019

The process

Kick off

We kicked off the project by meeting internally with the strategist and copywriter to discuss direction and requirements. We would conduct our own research, creating a rating system and analysing games. To give our campaign more prestige and prominence we would also get aid from 4 influencers. It was important that the info was highly informative and engaging.


I started by working out the structure of the website. I decided on creating 4 core pages and templates: the homepage, an interview page for our influencers, an about page giving the background to the project and finally the analysis template. Each analysis page would dive deep into a topic, having individual pages allows us to have a lot of content for each subject without overloading the users.


The homepage was created to quickly intro the microsite and summarise the section within the site with the related links. It was also important for it to have an impact and be engaging so I created an image heavy hero and link list slider.

Analysis template

The analysis pages have reusable modules to allow us to easily create multiple pages. They feature the data in engaging and interactive formats. Each page ends with prominent links to the following and previous page, creating a seamless user experience.

The results

The site was hugely successful and went viral through countless blogs, social media posts and news websites. It was on of Greenlights most successful campaign of 2019